Energy renovation

Above are two pictures demonstrating heat losses from a building.

The autumn and winter period with constantly varying outside temperatures, sunshine or precipitation, often combined with wind, as well as the summer period with strong radiation from roofs and façades, lead to either strong heat loss to the outside, or significant heat infiltration.
In both situations we have great energy consumption to keep our homes warm and cool.

Moreover, the current increase in energy prices brings additional challenges. When to start turning on the heating and how high to heat your home? Can one still optimise one’s flat or house from an energy point of view, make it more sustainable and even save costs?

In this context, it is worth subjecting your home to a comprehensive examination by energy specialists, who, on request, can draw up a so-called cantonal energy certificate for buildings: the CECE or CECE Plus. The CECE sets out the current condition of the building in a multi-page document. The CECE Plus supplements this approximately 70-page document with concrete recommendations for the implementation of individual measures, such as façade insulation, replacement of the heating system or replacement of windows, and forms an important basis for the energy refurbishment of one’s own home. As part of an energy refurbishment, a solar installation is an option to help make the home more sustainable, save costs by producing its own electricity and acquire a certain degree of self-sufficiency.

CECE Plus costs between CHF 1,400 and 2,000, depending on the size of the building. Most cantons and many municipalities support CECE and CECE Plus with a subsidy of around CHF 1,000.

What our Remediation Service provides

Situation analysis

Every building has its own peculiarities and therefore it is not possible to define a priori what to do and how to do it. This means that TecFid must necessarily visit the site to assess each situation individually. TecFid has its own thermal imaging cameras which enable it to have a more precise idea of the various problems at the end of the inspection.

Property inspection

As soon as possible after the customer’s request, TecFid will get in touch to arrange an inspection of the property to be renovated. The inspection is a very important step in the renovation process and should be carried out with the utmost care and attention. In this way TecFid will be able to understand which aspects are most important to cover in the work.

Preparation of Estimate and Renovation Project

Once the inspection has been completed and the customer’s various requests have been discussed. TecFid will contact trustworthy companies to draw up the preliminary estimate and, in a second phase, this will then be presented to the customer to finalise the various details. If the customer wishes, he can request to contact companies he trusts.

Choice of materials

TecFid will, if required, advise the customer at selected Partners and Suppliers to choose materials, finishes and furnishings. The possible help of the Architect can be fundamental in choosing the best materials, so as to reduce costs and waste.

Processing of bureaucratic paperwork, start of work, orders to suppliers

TecFid, in collaboration with a team of professionals, will take care of the entire bureaucratic part, from the notification/application for construction to the closing of the building site. TecFid will manage the accounting and financial part, paying attention to the correctness of payment formulas. TecFid will check the correctness of the invoices received, which will then be endorsed and sent to the client for payment.

Progress of the renovation site

TecFid will manage all phases of the construction site, coordinate companies and suppliers, synchronise supplier orders, and keep them on schedule. With the help of TecFid, the client will not have to worry about a thing: the renovation of your property will be in very good hands!

Closing of the building site, acceptance of installations, release of documentation and handover of keys

Together with the architect we will verify the successful completion of the renovation. We will deliver, within the legal deadlines, all plant certifications and the habitability inspection with the respective municipal technician.